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The total value locked (TVL) in DeFi rose $2B since this point last week, marking a climb from $59B to $61B. While that’s certainly not a major growth spurt compared to some inter-week TVL movements we’ve seen in the space, it appears the bleeding has stopped after the recent crypto economy sell offs — at least for now!

TVL increase is great news for us no matter how you look at it — it’s a signal saying the DeFi market is showing steady growth, and we are happy to find ourselves at the origins of this new tech!

This week DeFi experienced its first major drawdown in a while, as the total value locked (TVL) in the ecosystem’s dapps dropped a whopping +$23B, from $82.7B to $58.9B, since this point last weekend. Wow! That’s the reality of crypto and DeFi: things can go up fast, and they can go down just as fast, too. If you zoom in, though, this particular drawdown wasn’t so surprising, at least considering a handful of developments that depressed the wider cryptoeconomy in recent days.

Since this point last week, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi has risen +$5B to its current position over $82.7B — just below the new all-time high of $86.71B that was set this Tuesday.

We believe that in the near future the DeFi market’s TVL will continue breaking through new all-time-highs as the market keeps developing. The number of fans and investors in DeFi is on a continued rise, pushing the market upwards.

ArtiChain Finance blurs the line between the possible and the impossible by enabling people to harness all the possibilities that modern technology provides. We believe that it is possible with the help of the innovation orchestrated by the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement.

At ArtiChain finance we are leveraging the DeFi concept to build an ecosystem which is a game changer in the industry powered by Binance Smart Chain. Unlike other DeFi projects notably decentralized exchanges, ArtiChain Finance will let the users go through ArtiChainswap to earn, trade and win big on our platform. Notably, to be a real game changer in the industry, we’ve added extra features such as a decentralized Escrow money transfer service (worldwide) and Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot system.

Welcome to a world of possibilities with ArtiChain!

At this very moment, the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi is at a new all-time high just shy of $80B. Putting this in the context of mainstream finance giants, Square’s market cap is currently $112B, PayPal’s is $308B, MasterCard’s is $380B, and VISA’s is $499B.

This is tremendous news for all involved in the DeFi market! Looking back at late 2020, the $25B threshold seemed like an insurmountable obstacle! Even in January, experts were so conservative, the wildest estimates spelled $50B or $100B by the end of the year…

Well, now it seems the $100B mark is easily achievable by early summer of this year!

ArtiChain Finance

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