Meet The First AMM To Fuse AI With Integrated Yield Farming; Artichain Finance.


A start-up known for being the first automated market maker (AMM) that integrates Yield Farming with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is also a decentralized finance (DeFi) niche that runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with incorporated features that easily lets you earn and win tokens.

Artichain due to its AI built on the BSC has drawn many in the tech industry into the Cryptocurrency circle. The AI feature makes everything more beautiful and easy by building natural language into decentralized applications by machine learning ( a feature of AI).

What is Artichain Finance?

Artichain Finance is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) that allows user exchange tokens, provides liquidity and earns through farming.

It runs on the BSC with innumerable features that easily fetch you tokens because it’s cheap, easy to navigate and use by anybody, regardless of the level of experience in Cryptocurrency. You do not need to be an expert in programming or coding to get your account up and running.

What distinguishes Artichain Finance?


Users easily earn by becoming liquidity providers by adding their tokens to the liquidity pool. They can then farm their tokens and stake their Artichain Token (AIT BEP20) to earn even greater rewards. Much more, if you are a lucky user, you can buy some lotteries and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What is the core development and feature of Artichain?

Alongside many other DeFi such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap, ArtiChain Finance is one of the booming DeFi yield farming niche built on the BSC system.

Below are the features that distinguish it from others;

The Artichain AI Chatbots:

Artichain’s included AI chatbot enables faster interpretation of the system to users. The AI is able to interpret users’ intentions, deduce valuable questions that will serve others better and integrates smoothly with Solidity*, which makes it easy to communicate directly with smart contracts.

*Solidity is used for designing and implementing smart contracts within the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and other blockchain development platforms. This way, users can interact and receive responses from their smart contract.

Data Security:

Artichain Finance is built on blockchain, a stable and sophisticated system for building decentralized applications. Coupled with the AI facility, all data is kept safe from cyber infringement while providing smooth transactions.

The Escrow Money Transfer:

The Escrow money transfer allows users to connect directly with Binance Wallet to create an ID. Artichain enables users to have a personal as well as professional accounts that can freely transfer money from these wallets to various other accounts without the help of a middleman or any bank. Some other wallets used are; Ledger and Binance wallet

The AI chatbots help in the Escrow Money Transfer by using comprehensive open-source SDK tools to easily connect bots to DApps. The bots are able to communicate through the use of Artichain’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with users and provide necessary solutions when needed through voice commands. The bot also serves as a pointer to more developments in DApps and Blockchain.

Users can transfer crypto, stake Artichain token (AIT) and earn Return-On-Investment (ROI). They can also use the lottery DApp to become the lucky ones and win tokens.

Why run Artichain Finance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?


Binance Smart Chain has a really low transaction charge as well as great speed. BSC has promising years ahead!

Artichain AIT Buyback Protection: ©️🔰

Only Pre-Sale investors will qualify for the Buyback Protection offer. In this offer, any investor who buys AIT in Pre-Sale, he will be eligible for Buyback Protection. As for the ‘Buyback Protection’ offer, ArtiChain will buy back all the tokens of Private Sale investors who freeze their tokens for the first 30 days once the trading opens. If the price of AIT falls below the pre-sale price offers of $50, $60 and $70 then all those pre-sale investors who bought AIT tokens at $50, $60 and $70 will be eligible to claim Buyback Protection according to their buying price.

For example: If any investor has bought AIT in $60 in Pre-Sale second stage then he will be only eligible if the price falls below $60.

As a matter of fact, the Buyback Protection is a limited time offer valid for the first 30 days starting from 1st day of trading. The deadline for applying for Buyback Protection is the 30th day of trading once it first starts. After this date, the buy back protection offer is no more valid. All those pre-sale investors who will not freeze their tokens before trading starts on exchange, will not qualify to claim buyback protection. If tokens are frozen before trading then the timer will start from the Day 1 of trading and till Day 30. During these days any private investors can claim Buyback Protection. Once the timer ends on Day 30, no more claims will be accepted.


Artichain Finance has a wide scope, diverse opportunities and easy user experience which is one step toward achieving a sustainable living through the cryptocurrency circle. Don’t we all want to live stress-free?

Note: All phases of pre-sale will end in 3 weeks. If any token remain unsold, they will be added to Staking Reward allocation.

Token Economics (ArtiChain AIT on Binance Smart Chain.)

(1) Total Supply 40k AIT

(2) 10k AIT for Pre-Sale, starts from 50$ in BUSD

Minimum purchase: 1 AIT

(i) Phase 1: 4k 5 % bonus 50$ / AIT

(ii) Phase 2: 3k 3 % bonus 60$/AIT

(iii) Phase 3: 3k 2 % bonus 70$ /AIT

Total tokens for pre sale: 10k AIT

(3) tokens reserved for staking 3150 AIT

(i) Minimum holdings for Staking: 5 Tokens

(ii) Staking reward should be 0.15% after every 24 hours

(iii) Staking duration/lock period: 7 Days minimum

(iv) 10% fee will be charged if unlock before 7 days

(v) Staking should be available after Public Sale

(4) 15K tokens for Initial Dex Offering 100$/AIT in BNB (Public Sale)

Token’s Allocation :

Total supply: 40,000 AIT

Token Presale : 10,000 AIT

Public Sale on DEX : 15000 AIT

Team: 2000 AIT (Locked 3 years)

Pre Sale Bonus: 350 AIT

Staking: 3150 AIT

Marketing: 2000 AIT

Farming: 7000 AIT

Give-Away : 500 AIT

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